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Beginner Banjo Files

More to come! Check back frequently!

Caring for your Banjo Some really good ideas to care for your instrument... 253 KB
How to Read Banjo Tablature, and Buck's Tab Remember, Tabs are a GREAT reference library, but try not to stare at em' too much. 397 KB
Beginner rolls, 3/4 Timing It All starts here...This is where all the functionality of the Scrugg's Style starts. Muscle memory is the key... 328 KB
Beginner rolls, 4/4 Timing This is the next step... 429 KB
Thumb Targeting Workouts Tricky at first, but a really good pick hand exercise... 334 KB
Single String Picking This is a doozie, but a lot of fun when you get the hang of it... 327 KB
The "BAR" Form Chord grab The "BAR" form Chord grab. Not as easy as you might think when done correctly... 132 KB
The "D" Form Chord grab This in a tough one at first, but a must have... 131 KB
The "F" Form Chord grab One of the first you'll learn here. 133 KB
G-F-C-G or 1-7-4-1 in G... First Lesson for Chord Progression Training... Not for beginners though... 127 KB

Intermediate Banjo Files

Childrens Banjo File Section