Bluegrass Banjo Workshop taught by Buck Thrailkill  using the Fifth String Studio on the last Sunday afternoon of each month  from 3 PM to 6ish PM.  Tuition is $20...

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Fifth String Studio is a place of study for beginning and advancing bluegrass banjo players.

The Studio, atmosphere, and training outline are all designed to work together to provide the highest resolution and clarity in training and practical exercise.  This will allow the banjo student to field their own path forward by recognizing and strengthening the weak areas and explore the fundamentals of expanding their strong areas.

There is a special concession for military veterans, especially those suffering from PTSD.

Flexible & affordable banjo lessons. In person or online.

The cost at FSS is $25 per one-on-one lesson, typically an hour long, sometimes longer, on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. MY rule is that no student pay for a lesson they do not get. For any reason. No matter how short notice. If you cant make, we'll carry that payment over to the next months lesson as credit. No question...

The Banjo- a loud, jangly instrument with a twangy sound that immediately evokes the American South. Long seen as only an instrument for bluegrass music like Mumford and Sons, it's recently been incorporated into pop songs by bands like The Lumineers and Youngblood Hawke! If YouTube trends are any indication, this might be just another genre shift for the banjo! 

In my teaching philosophy, every student is unique. I prefer to cater to everyone’s needs and skill level so as to assist them in reaching their goals while feeling connected with the music they're learning. Teaching banjo has been a rewarding experience because I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with others. It’s an amazing feeling seeing students progress, learn new skills, and become proficient.  

Are you looking to get better at the banjo? Perhaps you've never played any instrument before and thought the banjo would be nice? Maybe you already play some but need help with chord voicings, music theory , or maybe just wanna learn a couple of tunes? Regardless of your aspirations, I can help! Lessons are available for all ages and skill levels. Beginners aren't only welcome but are encouraged! 

Teaching banjo is one of my passions. I value each student, the time I spend with them, and helping them to explore the vast world of music. After each lesson, I want my students leave with a deeper understanding of the banjo and have enjoyed their time. 

I believe having the ability to play an instrument is just a small part of musicianship. I also strive to show my students the theory behind the music they learn. I have given lessons to everyone from beginners to touring and session players who wanted a more robust knowledge of their instrument. I cherish the chance to teach any level of player.  

My teaching style is relaxed but determined. I want lessons to be fun and inspirational not scary and demoralizing. You should look forward to your lesson every week and leave the session feeling inspired to work harder and practice more intently. 

If you're not satisfied after your trial lesson, which is always free, you will not be charged and we may be able to match you with another instructor in the area. 

You can schedule a lesson online or directly through me. I am continuously accepting new students. If you're wanting a Friday or Saturday lesson please send me an email at


Currently all my student slots are full for the studio, but there is still room for the Jam Camp in Jan.